Analyst Program overview

Columbia Venture Partners (CVP) is a student-run venture capital initiative in the New York City area, founded in the spring of 2016. We educate the Columbia University student body on angel investing, venture capital, and growth equity by providing the most promising students with real-world experience in the venture capital industry.

Every semester, we recruit for 12 - 15 analysts to participate in our rigorous Analyst Program. Analysts participate in CVP Academy, a 10-week long bootcamp program aiming to thoroughly prepare our analysts in venture capital, teaching the ins-and-outs of investing basics and how to evaluate a startup. Further, our program connects analysts with real world internship experience supported by our partner funds, and introduces analysts to the vibrant ecosystem of investors and entrepreneurs in New York City through our mentorship program.



CVP runs a comprehensive semester-long program of weekly lecture series covering the basics of venture capital. Analysts will leave the program with a working understanding of valuation, term sheets, the current startup ecosystem, and industry trends. 



Analysts will work on ad-hoc projects with venture capital/angel investing firms in Manhattan, gaining real-world, hands-on experience in the space. Projects include market maps, industry white papers, deal sourcing, due diligence, product feedback, and more. 



CVP provides a wide network of Columbia alumni, professors, and students in the startup/VC space in Manhattan to serve as mentors to our analysts. Each semester, analysts will be paired with one mentor who will serve as a resource throughout the duration of the program.