About CVP Academy

CVP Academy is a semester-long, weekly lecture series that covers the ins-and-outs of venture capital. 4-8 analysts are selected each semester to participate in the CVP program, and can attend these lectures each week on Sundays from 4pm-5pm in our meeting rooms. 

All lecture material are produced by the CVP executive board members, with advice from our partners and advisors who are current venture capitalists and investors based throughout New York City. 

Analysts are sent lecture slides at the beginning of each week and are expected to read through the material before Sunday. Our executive board members will then go over the slides and address any questions.

The remainder of the class will be spent discussing current events and working on projects that allow the analysts to apply what they have learned through reading in real-life scenarios.



Our Project Manager and Projects team is heavily dedicated to enriching the lecture curriculum with hands-on experience through supplementary exercises. The main project that analysts will be working on is learning how to research a particular startup of their interest, and build a full, VC-ready pitch deck on that company. They will learn how to conduct market research, competitive analysis, business model research, and valuable presentation skills. Each week, analysts will have the chance to receive feedback on their pitch from board members as well as our advisors and VC-in-Residence, and by the end of the program, will be able to evaluate startups on their own. 

Other projects include but are not limited to: site visits to VC firms and accelerators based throughout NYC, demo days, pitch events, networking events, and more.



A basic outline of the 10-week curriculum is as follows:

●  Week 1: What is Venture Capital?

● Week 2: The Players

● Week 3: Economic terms of the term sheet

● Week 4: Control terms of the term sheet

● Week 5: Financials - capitalization tables, P/L statements, and the three financial statements

● Week 6: Valuation - DCFs, Precedent Transactions, and Comparables

● Week 7: Structure of VC funds

● Week 8: Different financing stages

● Week 9: Current IPO markets

● Week 10: Acing the interview